Industrial Polishing


Polished Concrete Flooring
Concrete floor treatment with state-of-the-art polishing systems
– Enhance concrete floor’s appearance as an add-on value to the premises
– Full mirror gloss or satin finish
– Partial to full exposure of the concrete’s aggregates
– Durable and suitable for all high traffic areas
– Scratch resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean
– Economically sensible, a long term floor solution
– Commercial, industrial and retail applications

Grind and Seal Concrete Coatings
– Often mistaken for concrete polishing, these systems involve grinding and coating as opposed to grinding and polishing
– Aesthetically pleasing rustic appearance
– Gloss, matt or satin finishes
– Economical alternative to polishing
– Excellent durability with many years of use before a re-coat is required
– Low VOC user friendly systems for quick turn around
– High quality UV stable industrial quality coatings
– Commercial, industrial and retail applications

Warehouse Floor Polishing
– Concrete surface polishing specifically for large slabs
– Concrete ride-on power trowels cover very large areas quickly
– Matt, satin to full gloss provide that beautiful polished concrete appearance
– Suitable for new and old slabs
– Renew old worn slabs
– Excellent alternative to polymer floor coatings and sealers
– Durable concrete treatment that extends the life of the concrete floor
– Dust proof floor
– Minimal pick up of tyre residue from forklifts and trucks, easily cleaned surface
– Cleanliness in appearance
– Industrial, commercial and retail areas, especially for large open spaces that require treatment quickly and efficiently
– Particularly suited for companies producing, storing, transporting foods, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and any products and processes where cleanliness is a necessity