Industrial Coatings


Complete range of industrial polymer floor coverings for all your wet and dry clean room requirements.

Wet Clean Rooms
Production, process, packing, storage flooring for;
– Dairy
– Meat
– Food
– Bake and pastry
– Beverage & bottling
– Chemical
> Amenities Low VOC, non-taint products
> Australian standard non slip “R” rated
> Heat resistant to 93˚C constant and 125˚C thermal shock
> High impact and chemical resistance
> Levelling and grading to outlets / drains

Dry Clean Rooms
Sterile suites, production, process, and packing storage flooring for;
– Pharmaceutical
– Electronics
– R&D, health and education
– Ordinance
– Food – beverage
– Automotive – aviation
– Plastics and paper
> Low VOC, non-taint products
> Australian standard non slip “R” rated
> Suitable for clean rooms
> Aesthetically pleasing durable
> Chemical and impact resistance

Warehousing & Packaging
Floor hardeners, sealers, coatings and repairs
to flooring for;
– Floor hardeners / densifier for large areas of concrete
– Sealers and coatings for car parks, assembly, workshops, packaging areas and battery charge
– Floor screeds for heavy duty areas or repairs
– Joint and floor reinstatement
– Ramps, walkways, line marking
– Truck loading / unloading canopies
> Low VOC, non-taint products
> Australian standard non-slip “R” rated
> Quick turnaround
> Long lasting
> Technically correct

Workshop & General
Levelling, repairs, resurfacing, super flat flooring for;
– Floor levelling
– Concrete strengthening
– Floor repairs and resurfacing
– Floor joint reinstatement
– Super flat for AGV’s
– Grading to new drains
– Non-slip to ramps
> Quick turn around
> Low odour, non-taint
> Long lasting technically sound repairs for all industry